Ilai Adai


  • Raw Rice, soaked for about 1hr –  1cup
  • Jaggery, grated – 1cup
  • Coconut, grated – 1cup
  • Cardamom, powdered – 2nos
  • Jackfruit, finely chopped – 8flowerets
  • Banana leaf – 10cuts (to use as moulds)


  • Drain water from soaked raw rice
  • Start grinding in a grinder
  • When rice is about half done, add jaggery, coconut, jackfruit – continue grinding
  • Grind into thick batter – batter should neither be too smooth nor too coarse – consistency should be thick enough such that the batter will not run over
  • Wash banana leaf well to remove dust etc.
  • Wilt babana leaves a little over flame, so that it does not tear when folded
  • Pour a laddle full of batter over
  • Fold carefully on all four sides
  • Stack them over idly plates – stack them such that the folding does not unfolds
  • Steam for about 15min
  • Serve hot

Dizzle little ghee over ilai adai to increase the flavor and taste

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